Brave New World

“This unit will introduce students to the contexts relevant to the research, design of special effects make-up and prosthetics processes for a fashion led production. By exploring how changing its shape and texture can alter the appearance of the human face and body, students will develop an awareness of materials to distort, age and texture the skin.  This will be used as the basis for creative design development and establish the relationship between research, design and realisation. Students will investigate, develop and design in response to a creative fashion brief. The unit encourages specialist technical development underpinned by an understanding of the principles of make-up and basic prosthetics for conceptual beauty design and realisation. Students will develop an understanding of how complex techniques can be used creatively and will be encouraged to expand on an enquiring approach to the technical development of creative make-up for a specific beauty and fashion industry context.”

– From Mycourse (FMS507)

This project is about experimenting with new ways to add cosmetic applications and make our own ideal.

Here the latest fashion is anything we desire and it is approaching diversity in an experimental, fantasy way. This world has taken fashion to a whole other limit than ever before. It is a Brave New World.

The latest fashion is an inspirational movie to this project.

Things to look at: Plastic surgery, body implant, avant garde fashion, body modification, history of prosthetics, tribal modification, BDD, body architects. The hair and the cutting of the hair is something to consider.

People to look at: Alex Box and Gareth, Manish Aurora, Peter philps on Chanel, Klara jekova, Lady Gaga, Barth Hess, Lucy Mcrae, Bagel Heads.

9-10 weeks to do it,  stroy board, 2 moodboards, headshot and mid length shot.

Descibre what is a Brave new world and define the looks.


Use the library to extend your research on scarification, post images from technical lessons; begin to experiment with techniques learned, outside of class – photograph for blog; gather own visual inspiration – primary research and drawings; include wider references to body modification.


  1. Set up blog and write a project introduction to Brave New World.
  2. Find several images of interest; write an evaluation under each posting.

Reading List

Pantellini, C. & Stohler, P., Body Extensions: Art, Photography, Film, Comic, Fashion (France, Arnolde Verlagsanstalt, 2004)


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