Brave new world – body modification

I believe in the future some of these will be a more common sight and maybe a big trend. People do it to shock, to create body art or/and to express theirselfes.


Bagel Heads, weird Japanese bodymodification trend

jonnyneedles Portrait im+lantDermal1

Micro dermal Implant: Is a form of piercing where there is placed an anchor underneath and a jewelry to screw inside the anchor on top. This is something I probably could do If done simple like the flowers, I think It looks good.

transdermal piercing

Transdermal Piecing – Spikes

body modification


Scrotal implant,  jewerly or silicone placed underneath the skin.

eyeball jewerly implant

Eyeball piercing, that must really hurt. And it amazing it does not irritate the eye.

three-more-blind-mice  eyetattooWN_450x400

Eyeball Tattooing. It has actually been practised for 2000 years! Many people have gone blind at the attempt of this procedure.

African-Smile  extreme-body-modification

Tooth sharpening  and tounge splitting


Tooth cap and coloring.

ear shaping earcrop

Ear shaping


Different kinds of Body modification, 15/10/13 and the links within


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