Brave new world inspiration

People in the future have a new stronger skin, technology has gone further, you can now get a protection skin that protects from burns, cuts, wounding, bites and even bullets. It also protects from diseases. It adapts to the skin and keeps a steady bodytemperature wherever you are,  the skin has made people Bi-racial and clothes are not needed anymore. People express their selves trough a designed skin.

Perfection has gone to its overwhelming after people been so surrounded by ideal beauty in media. they look doll like in their face.

Inspiration skin

X-Men, Mystique

5e06b6d948bcc6956dc54b8420548c83 61586-Jennifer-Lawrence-Mystique-d2HM jennifer-lawrence-mistica LawrenceXMenFirstClass_article_story_main jlaw-split-jpg_203519

Inspiration Face 

Valeria-Lukyanova5-550x508 338259-living-barbie-doll-valeria-lukyanova-and-ken-doll-justin-jedica-meet-f 4390-valerie-lukyanova-photos-video-interview-human-barbie-doll-before-and- 208945_325316064223576_1627087672_n

The make up  will look natural unnatural. Expressionless.



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