Testing, Testing!


My design, vision was  a futuristick tribal look. Inspired by African  scarification. I made a more beauty version of it on my template. Inspiration from X-men mystique I placed leaf form gelatin shapes on the shoulder and neck to represent a textured skin. The hair was inspired by the wax hair in the Himba tribes. I want to brade it and cover it with Fullers earth. I tested out with eyelashes and tried possible skin base.


Creating the leafes for the shoulders in practical class, I coulored them with aqua coulor and I used gelatin on orange bag to get the wanted texture. I used clay and poked my pencil in to get round shapes in the same size.


Dots I made on my table at home


Testing the look togheter, I felt it was  great! But halfway finished, like i needed another base then my skin colour.


It was a huge difference without the eyelashes, it goes from a beauty makeup to a character makeup


Testing the hair and a base. I found out that it would take a time to create a base, and black with skimmering blue was not the right colour. It made a nice effect and idea for another shoot.


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