Keiron Levine – Scarification lecture g

Tutors: Sue Mainstone and Sharon lloyd

Alex Box and Gareth, Manish Aurora, Peter philps on Chanel, Klara jekova, Lady Gaga,

Barth Hess, Lucy Mcrae, Bagel Heads, Valerie Lukyanova ( real life barbie doll)

Lip plate in picture 1 used in Lucie Vincini catwalk and scarification inspired look used in Daryl Van Wouw

Things that has been looked at:

Plastic surgery, body implant, avant garde fashion, body modification, history of prosthetics, tribal modification, BDD, body architects. The hair and the cutting of the hair is something to consider.


EphÈmere,  Bart Hess, 16/10/2013

Probes, Phillips Designs 16/10/2013

Electronic tattoo, Phillips Designs 16/10/2013

Mystique (X-men) Make-up Transformation 20/10/2013

Lord Voldemort Makeup 20/10/2013

Mistica MAKEUP por Tony Antelo en LKM20/10/2013

Internet Sources/research

Wikipedia, History of tattooing, 07/10/2013

Blogspot site by Jane Gelb. Why scarification? 07/10/2013

Ear shaping


Different kinds of Body modification, 15/10/13

Wikipedia : and the links within



Pantellini, C. & Stohler, P., Body Extensions: Art, Photography, Film, Comic, Fashion (France, Arnolde Verlagsanstalt, 2004)


 2014 X-Men: Days of Future Past (post-production)
Raven / Mystique


Lucy and bart picture site, 16/10/13

Designerz central, Daryl Van Wouw Catwalk,

Blog makeup, Mystique face chart

Jennifer Lawrence fan site, x- men mystique pictures.

Top 10, Teeth Chiseling

Polyvore, Futuristic hairstyles

Human Barbie doll, Valeria Lukyanova

Body modification

Pony tail, 7beautytips,

NUBA tribe, Models own blogspot

Anastasiya Shpagina live doll, Side 3.

Body implants Oddee ,

African Scarification, Exakwantu

Microdermal piercings, Pinterest

Blue outfit, Funtasticus

  Jungle setting, starcollector

Mint lips, pinterest

Green eyes, eyeshadowlipstick

Alexander mcqueen look, Pinterest

Pastell Mint green Nail, Corallista

Nuba scarification, cvlnation

Rihanna topless outfit, Daily mail

Setting for storyboard, animemay

Eyeball tattoo, News.bme

Transdermal implants, News.bme

Ear pointing, News.bme

Himba wax hair, alice in wonder,

Teeth grills, Kevin Milne

Eye ball tattooing,ms beauty info,

Split tongue, ripley news room

Yoruba scarification, flickr.


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