Keiron Levine – Scarification lecture g

Tutors: Sue Mainstone and Sharon lloyd

Alex Box and Gareth, Manish Aurora, Peter philps on Chanel, Klara jekova, Lady Gaga,

Barth Hess, Lucy Mcrae, Bagel Heads, Valerie Lukyanova ( real life barbie doll)

Lip plate in picture 1 used in Lucie Vincini catwalk and scarification inspired look used in Daryl Van Wouw

Things that has been looked at:

Plastic surgery, body implant, avant garde fashion, body modification, history of prosthetics, tribal modification, BDD, body architects. The hair and the cutting of the hair is something to consider.


EphÈmere,  Bart Hess, 16/10/2013

Probes, Phillips Designs 16/10/2013

Electronic tattoo, Phillips Designs 16/10/2013

Mystique (X-men) Make-up Transformation 20/10/2013

Lord Voldemort Makeup 20/10/2013

Mistica MAKEUP por Tony Antelo en LKM20/10/2013

Internet Sources/research

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 2014 X-Men: Days of Future Past (post-production)
Raven / Mystique


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Result/ Evaluation

The day of the shoot came and I was both nervous that it would turn out not how i expected or looking too strange and I was excited to see my makeup in whole finished. My model was Sophie, after waiting for her to show up half hour over time, I felt something was very wrong. Sophie had overslept and forgot she was modelling for me. Thankfully Natasha Dawes volunterd to be my model. Because of my model i got another feeling on the look while doing it. I decided to keep it simple and clean, and went for a dark lip instead of a pastelle green. Sue came and we start playing around with the spraycolors which changed the look and made it more interesting. I learned how you should experiment with the look after you got the original shoot, small tweaks can make a whole new shoot.




I learned a lot from this project. I loved learning about other cultures and beauty in different eyes. How people change and alter their face/body parts for art, culture, beauty  or just pleasure. How strange some beauty rituals really are, and the human obsession with appearence.  I also got a more creative view on makeup, thinking out of the beauty box but also  how SFX can be used in beauty and catwalk make-up. I have tons of ideas now for future shoots, it was a lot more I wanted to do, but with a limited time and no bugdet it was not easy. The main importance is that we got to try out techniques and learn how to use many products, we have fed our brains with lots of references and ideas. So I feel this result dont describe the whole of my accomplishment. But it is very nice to have a picture  of the inspiration from this and the I techniques learned. I will send these pictures in un edited, and photoshop it for my personal portfolio.




Braded hair covered with fullers earth, in neutral earth colours. It should not be to thick so you can still se the texture of the brades.



Gelatin spots in the sides of the face, needs to be symmetrical, normal flawless skin. Highligheted and countored. Strong lips, lined eyes matching the lips. Vaselin on eyelashes. Not sure if I will be placing gelatin on the shoulders I will feel my way through it.



The shoot will only be from the shoulders so she be wearing a strapless top.  My character does not wear clothes as the new skin covers like a body suit.



A futuristic Urban Jungle. This is kind of how my vision looks like. It suits my characters story,



Raining in the city


Testing, Testing!


My design, vision was  a futuristick tribal look. Inspired by African  scarification. I made a more beauty version of it on my template. Inspiration from X-men mystique I placed leaf form gelatin shapes on the shoulder and neck to represent a textured skin. The hair was inspired by the wax hair in the Himba tribes. I want to brade it and cover it with Fullers earth. I tested out with eyelashes and tried possible skin base.


Creating the leafes for the shoulders in practical class, I coulored them with aqua coulor and I used gelatin on orange bag to get the wanted texture. I used clay and poked my pencil in to get round shapes in the same size.


Dots I made on my table at home


Testing the look togheter, I felt it was  great! But halfway finished, like i needed another base then my skin colour.


It was a huge difference without the eyelashes, it goes from a beauty makeup to a character makeup


Testing the hair and a base. I found out that it would take a time to create a base, and black with skimmering blue was not the right colour. It made a nice effect and idea for another shoot.


How to use a ball cap




I did the ballcap twice once with Hanna on me, and then on Sophie. I am happy I tried to do the ball cap, it was mutch harder to actually do it.  After Sue showed us that could put  fullers earth on and we created an amazing golden hair look.

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