Scarification and Body art in African tribes wit Keiron Levine

Keiron Levine came to visit us! and it was very interesiting we got a an inspiring view into African tribes and other  cultures  in  asia.

oktober 057


“In the U.S., scarification emerged in San Francisco as part of a new body-modification movement in the mid-1980’s. “It was originally embraced by gay and lesbian subcultures”, said Victoria Pitts, a sociology professor at the CIty New York University.”

Some may find it sickening or strange, but this is something  probably many people will do in the future, just as tattoos, tattoos has been practised for centuries in many cultures before it spread to the western world,  just as Scarfication has.


Now it is practised on people outside tribes, because they find it beautiful,

“Scarification is the cutting or incision in the skin to create scars in a certain pattern. Different tools are used, but scalpels will usually do the job. Some are also whipped with sharp objects to create the wounds. This is an ancient practice which was “the major approach to decorative and symbolic permanent body modification used by dark-skinned peoples on whom tattooing would be ineffective.” (Sanders, 8) This practice was originally used by “African tribal groups, scarification is a decorative form primarily intended to indicate one’s position in a social structure.” (Sanders, 8)”


Yoruba tribe, invards scars, it is darker  then the skin, shiny and soft. Can

wax hair himba

Himba tribe with wax hair made of butter and Ochre.

omo valley

Omo Valley lip plate

omo valley2

Omo Valley face Art


Nuba Scarification



drc congo drc congo 1

DRC Congo, complex scarification


Lip plate in picture 1 used in Lucie Vincini catwalk and scarification inspired look used in Daryl Van Wouw


Wikipedia, History of tattooing, 07/10/2013

Why scarification?

Keiron Levine Seminar


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